Red Hot Monks


Take four musicians and blend it together with their musical influences, spark it up with grooves, riffs, passion and energy and you’ll have a good formula for creating Red Hot Monks.

The name of this band kinda reveals who these guys are paying tribute to but just to be sure, it’s the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.
Red Hot Monks pays tribute to the band that’s been around for almost 4 decades already with songs as Suck my kiss, Under the bridge, Aeroplane, By The Way, Californication, Hump the Bump and so on and so forth.
Listen to the steady beats and of Roel van der Sluis on drums and Michael Baumgarten on bass as they put on their A game in mimicking the energy of Chad Smith and Flea. Take the funk of Armand Gabeler on guitar and Norman Kapoyos on vocals to top it off in creating the sound of John Frusciante (if we have to choose one of them) and Anthony Kiedis and you’ll have an ultimate Red Hot Chili Peppers experience.
In an energetic show they’ll give you all the best of Red Hot Chili Peppers. There will be dancing, there will be jumping, there will be humping and bumping, there will be groovin’, there will be Red Hot Monks.

Foto: Red Hot Monks
06.04. | Samstag
20:00 | Einlass ab 18:00
VVK € 27,50 / AK € 32,00
Sofern die Vorstellung nicht ausverkauft ist, können noch Restkarten an der Abendkasse erworben werden.

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